It would be easier to list the things you couldn't do here in Destin! A fraction of the recreational activities on the Gulf include water sports, fitness centers, golf courses, movie theatres, incredible nightlife, sports bars, tennis courts, basketball courts, and so much more!

Area Activities

Looking for local activities in Destin? Look no more, we have provided a list of activities close by. Come check out our area activities so you don`t miss out on anything while you`re here!

Beach Access

Public beach access isn`t easy to know when you`re not familiar with Destin. We`ve got you covered. Just check out our list and see which beach is right for you and your family!


Got a big family? Or an event with hungry guests? We have a few local catering companies that can help you and your friends/family enjoy a great meal.

Coffee Houses

There are many coffee houses here in Destin. Check out the different locations and see which one`s going to help you start your day!

Event Planning

Need help planning an awesome event for your family vacation? Look no further, we have provided several businesses that can give you a hand!

Fitness Centers

There`s no reason to halt your workout regiment. We have several fitness center options for you to choose from. See which ones are closest to you!

Movie Theaters

What better way then to end the day with a movie with your friends or family? Grab a drink and some popcorn, and we`ll point you in the right direction!


Destin is a beautiful place. Our beaches are one of a kind. Let us help you find someone to help you capture the memories you`ll never forget, so you can share them with the ones you love.

Sports Bars

We know how important it is that you don`t miss a second of the big game. We took the liberty to provide you with a list of sports bars here in Destin that will help you avoid missing the game you love.

Tennis Courts

Don`t waste your time trying to find a local tennis court. Let us help you find the best ones so that you don`t have to risk ending up somewhere that just doesn`t cut it.

Water Sports

The only way to truly enjoy Destin`s sunshine is by cooling off doing something you`ve never tried! Check out the fun water sport activities we offer!